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People in Toronto are gushing with pride over Schitt's Creek's Golden Globe wins

Schitt's Creek has consistently made Toronto proud with its historic achievements ever since the little CBC show became an international sensation in its final season, and last night's Golden Globes ceremony was no exception.

The Ontario-filmed series took home two awards during the 2021 ceremony on Sunday night, and to say it left Toronto residents filled with pride is an understatement. 

For Schitt's Creek fans, the first highlight of the night was when actor, director, producer and writer Dan levy accepted the award for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy, from right here in Toronto  — giving an inspirational speech about the importance of inclusion and diversity in a year when so many beloved shows and movies made by Black creators were snubbed. 

"Thank you to the CBC and POP TV for making the active choice to keep this little show on the air and giving it the time and space it needed to grow like so many TV shows out there.

"This acknowledgement is a lovely vote of confidence in the messages 'Schitt's Creek' has come to stand for; the idea that inclusion can bring about growth and love to a community," he said.

"In the spirit of inclusion, I hope that this time next year this ceremony reflects the true breadth and diversity of the film and television being made today because there is so much more to be celebrated."

Later, beloved Canadian comedian Catherine O'Hara took home the award for Best Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy, and the icon and her husband executed a hilarious gag during her acceptance speech complete with generic awards show music, applause sound effects and music telling her to wrap it up.

She also thanked Dan and Eugene Levy for creating "an inspiring, funny, beautiful family love story in which they let [her] wear 100 wigs and speak like an alien."

The series was nominated for a total of five awards at the 78th annual Golden Globes, and while they only took home trophies for two, people in Toronto have been celebrating the international acknowledgement ever since. 

Mayor John Tory even tweeted his congratulations last night, saying the series' wins made the city incredibly proud.

The Canada's Walk of Fame Twitter account also shared a congratulatory message on social media Sunday night, particularly to applaud inductee Catherine O'Hara on her win. 

Members of the public have likewise been taking to social media to celebrate the win since last night, with so many saying it was the perfect show to help them get through the difficult periods of lockdown the city has experienced throughout the past year.

And others said they were simply delighted to see the Canadian series continue to receive recognition after years of flying under the radar.

Before the awards show even took place, some notable celebrities also expressed their support for the series, including Elton John. 

The MTV Twitter account also shared a congratulatory message for Dan, which is particularly heartwarming considering he got his start as a host on MTV Canada many years ago. 

And while some die-hard fans are disappointed the series didn't sweep all five of the categories for which is was nominated like it did at the Emmy's, it's safe to say that after five years on air, Schitt's Creek finally received the critical acclaim and acknowledgement it rightfully deserved.

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