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Someone imagined Ontario ending lockdown through Lord of the Rings scenes

People in Ontario are living for a Lord of the Rings take on the Province's eventual reopening that was posted to Reddit. 

"This was incredible, nice work! Hilarious!" wrote one person in the comment section below the video. 

"This is amazing content right here! I laughed way too hard. Karen from OAKVILLE was on point," added another.  

The video, posted by user u/jonasgla, features scenes from the movie as a foreshadowing of what it could look like when Ontario ends lockdown.

The video is mostly focused on Kingston, where stay-at-home orders were lifted on Wednesday as the region moved into the new framework's "Green-Prevent" level alongside Hastings Prince Edward Public Health, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington Public Health, and Renfrew County and District Health Unit.

All remaining public regions will enter the framework on February 16, with the exception of Toronto, Peel and York, which are slated to exit shutdown mode on February 22.

The video starts off all calm in the shire — depicting the green zone parts of the province — with Frodo and his friends reuniting at The Toucan (a local Kingston pub).    

The video quickly cuts to the Uruk-hai and Isengard orcs who are "starving" in the grey zones of Ontario. 

The video also features Doug Ford as Sauron, Dr. Keiran Moore as Aragon and the clear star — a dragon as an "Oakville Karen" who can't wait to get her haircut and drink some Chardonnay.

I'm honestly surprised the memorable Gandalf scene where he shouts "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" wasn't included but the whole video comes to a climax with an iconic battle where the army of orcs – in this case Toronto, Peel and Durham regions – rush the gates of Kingston.  

The Oakville Karens are the first to breach the boarders of Kingston letting in a wave of COVID-19 viruses that begin to slaughter the soldiers. 

The video is quickly gaining attention with more than 1,800 upvotes on the r/Ontario subreddit. 

People have been commending the video for its humour and accurate take on the entire situation. 

"Working in the closest eastern retail location of my company to the GTA. This is incredibly accurate to how we all feel," wrote user psychomas in a comment. 

And people in other provinces are also relating to the content. 

User Competitive_Milk_298 wrote: "As someone from Québec, I can relate to this meme, it pretty much sums up the greater Montreal area too."

While some people might take offence, the orginal poster, u/jonasgla, clarified in a comment that the video is all in jest.

"Thanks for all the love guys! This is only intended to be a light hearted meme about the current situation. No offence intended or hard feelings to anyone in our province. Love you all. Can't wait till we can all get dialled hair cuts and crush some Chardonnay!"

But just in case the videos message wasn't clear to anyone thinking of travelling to areas of the province that are reopening, I'll try with another Lord of the Rings reference. 

Like Frodo tells Sam repeatedly: "Go home!" ... or rather just stay home. 

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