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Everything you need to know about TIFF Fan Zones

Stargazers assemble—TIFF Fan Zones are officially up and running once again, meaning superfans are gathering en masse to catch glimpses of their favourite celebs. 

According to volunteers, rules are the exact same as last year's, so there's undoubtedly going to be some confusion concerning what you're allowed to bring into Fan Zones and where to wait.

There are general guidelines available on TIFF's website on how to behave there, but most mix-ups revolve around bringing food and other items not explicitly listed online.

Here are some things to know about this year's TIFF Fan Zones.

Fan Zone locations

There's two fan zones this year: the King Street Fan Zone, which is located right outside the Princess of Wales Theatre, a.k.a the Visa Screening Room.

The other runs behind the main building at David Pecaut Square, by the L'Oreal Paris lounge which, which surrounds Roy Thompson Hall. According to volunteers, there may also be a fan zone operating around TIFF Lightbox.


As a dedicated fan, you'll have to commit yourself to two lineups: the line to get your red Fan Zone wristband (specific to each zone), and the line to get into the actual Fan Zone.

Depending on which premiere you're waiting for, its highly suggested you get there super early (I'm talking four hours at least) and look for the volunteers dressed in orange to find your wristband lineup.

Wristbands usually start to be distributed about an hour before the event is set to begin. Bringing a fold-up chair you can stash later is recommended, unless you want to spend several hours sitting on the cement floor.

Forbidden items

There's a list of forbidden items listed on the website, including DSLRs with lenses longer than six inches, selfie sticks, aerosol cans, and large signs (anything bigger than 11 inches by 17 inches), so leave your giant cardboard Ryan Goslings at home.

Security guards will be waiting for you before entering any Fan Zone, so prepare to have your back searched. Any bags deemed too large will be stored at a guarded table, and you'll be able to pick up your belongings when you leave.

Bringing food

Though it doesn't state it anywhere on the website, food and drinks are generally not allowed in the Fan Zones. You'll be forced to get rid of any snacks you still have on you past the wristband portion—even your H2O.

Inside the Fan Zones

Standing between a bunch of barricades in front of the red carpets, it gets notoriously crammed in here. Prepare yourself for tight spaces and some potentially intimate moments with strangers.

After every screening, Fan Zones are cleared, meaning you'll have to dip out of there and revel in your TIFF fantasies come true elsewhere.

At the end of the day, these areas are sectioned off for stargazer and celebrity safety, not necessarily for comfort. You'll have to decide if catching a glimpse of your #MCE is worth it. 

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Jesse Milns

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