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5 videos worth re-watching from 2011

The term "viral" is thrown around a bit too loosely nowadays, especially when it comes to videos related to a specific city. So I'm going to avoid using that tag for the offerings below, even if in some cases you could make the argument that they deserve it. Most of these would be more like local viruses that spread within a given community, in this case Toronto.

For folks from Toronto, then, these are all worth re-watching as we begin to wrap up 2011. Sure, there are others that could have made it — most notably the recent phenomenon that is Shit Girls Say, but despite being set in Toronto, the super-popular original episode just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of this little list. And besides, it kind of already made it in that I'm mentioning and linking to it.

Here's five of my favourites from 2011. If you've got others, I'll embed the good ones that I've missed (there's got to be a few).

Lightning TO

Not to take away from any of the superb lightning storm videos of year's past — here's looking at you Sam Javanrouh — but Jon Simonassi's coverage of the wild electrical storm we got in late August went about as berserk as local videos go, racking up almost 740,000 views since it was posted the morning after the storm. Despite all the fantastic still photography devoted to the event, Simo's video did the best job of capturing just how bizarre and awesome the storm was.

401 Truck Crash

This one stretches the local tag a bit far, but this video of a driver almost getting fed a tractor trailer on the 401 near Guelph is just too good to pass up. Originally posted on CP24, the story was eventually picked up by CNN, which gave it some international traction. How did the driver get the video? Apparently, he once had problems with his insurance company and thus decided to record all of his car trips. Serendipity! Oh, and his verbal reaction is priceless.

Toronto Tempo

Of the timelapse sequences we've posted on the site — and there's been a few — none have been quite so well received as Ryan Emond's Toronto Tempo, which features that perfect mix of stunning visuals and a slick soundtrack. When we first posted it, I called it a love letter to Toronto, and I still like to think of it that way. Who could forget that SkyDome sequence?

Time Travel

The second most popular timelapse to capture Toronto in 2011, Ben Lean's Time Travel ain't no slouch. In fact, even though it didn't generate quite the traffic that the above video did, it wouldn't be hard to make the argument that it's every bit as good. Some people think these sequences are pointless and cheesy, but that's to miss the point. As far as pure eye-candy goes, this is great stuff.

Sex on the TTC!!!!

Sex on TTC

And the last video is also the most recent. Just over a week ago a couple were filmed getting their hump on at Spadina Station. The video itself actually isn't altogether, hmmm, stimulating — but the mere idea that one could get so wrecked and horny on a Sunday afternoon is remarkable in and of itself. Watch the NSFW video here.

Photos by picturenarrative and Alex Luyckx, respectively.

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