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This Week in Film: Metropolis (2001), Persona, E.T, Apocalypse Now Redux, B Movie Madness


While not exactly the Metropolis that you may remember, this version was released in 2001 and is based off of a serialization that was released in Japan in the late forties by Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka, who was fascinated by technology, science fiction and robots! The Animated Series is a real treat because this will be a proper 35mm screening of the film, the only unfortunate part was that there is no release of the 35mm version in Canada with subtitles, so the dub will have to suffice, but as it is devoid of those annoying Studio Ghibli-style celebrity voices, it's fine. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the theatre, this screening will be repeated on Sunday January 9th at 7pm.


Forget Black Swan! Come see one of the many inspirations for the classic psychological horror tale of jealousy, fear, betrayal and loss of self with Ingmar Bergman's Persona. An actress loses her voice during a performance and her psychiatrist recommends a break from society, prescribing her a vacation in an isolated cottage with her nurse. But when one woman has no voice and the other woman does, their conversations, stories and lives begin to merge and intersect in terrifying ways. This is a NEW PRINT of Persona, so for those who have seen it before, see it better. One of the first films Roger Ebert himself ever reviewed, he returns to it time and again, looking for literal or figurative meaning in the text. For a career film reviewer with over 40 years of films under his belt to continually return to this one film is just enough reason to see or revisit it yourself. Ticket costs are $12 for adults, $9.50 for students/seniors and $9 for members. Tickets can be purchased online, on the phone or in person at the Tiff Bell Lightbox.


Sometimes you just need a feel good movie to come in from the cold, and the Revue Cinema understands that and has got you covered. They will be screening the ORIGINAL release of E.T this weekend, leaving in the language, the police officers who carry guns, and the wonderful special effects of the time which made you fall in love with a grotesque character who became a beloved symbol of tolerance and hope for an entire generation. I don't mean to sound cheesy but E.T is a classic for a reason, bring your kids, bring your parents, bring your childhood friends, if only to see Drew Barrymore in her best and only good role of the century. Tickets can be purchased at the Revue on the day of the show, as this is a matinee, pricing is $6 for everybody.


"I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like victory." Redux is the re-release of Francis Ford Coppola's war classic, but stuffed with an additional 49 minutes of footage. It has been touted as a completely different film from the original 1979 release which Coppola believed became 'tame' by today's war-movie standards. Whatever reasoning he gave, the lengthier running time of Redux (202 minutes) really made it easier to understand the madness that overtook those soldiers in the jungle and the first time I watched it I felt more stunned than my viewing of the original film. On top of that, the pleasure of seeing it on the best big screen in the city makes this film a definite MUST for this weekend. You will not be disappointed.Ticket costs are $12 for adults, $9.50 for students/seniors and $9 for members. Tickets can be purchased online, on the phone or in person at the Tiff Bell Lightbox.


B-Movie Madness takes over the Bloor Cinema with a night curated by Fangoria's bloodily beloved Editor-in Chief Chris Alexander as he turns the Bloor into a bloodbath of campy, trashy, murderous goodness every Monday for all of January. The night starts out with I Drink Your Blood, a nightmarish tale about a twisted young boy who infects his depressingly screwed up town with rabies, which ends up turning the already-violent residents into full-fledged-extra-violent super murderers instead. Whoops! But the real treat of the night is the second feature Bloody Pit of Horror, which the trailer claims is inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade but with an exploitation twist. Bloody Pit of Horror starts Mickey Hartigay as the 'Crimson Executioner', a sadist who pretends to be a photographer so he can take liberties torturing the vacuous models who stumble into his
castle, hoping for a spread that only Italian Vogue would find interesting. The double feature is $8 for members of the series, but membership only costs $2! While it doesn't specify, this night is probably 18+. Full list of films here.

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