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I asked someone in Toronto what's inside their bag and this is what I found

While on my way to Bambi's on Dundas West I ran into Syd, an artist based in Toronto, who was on her way to a party. Her bag caught my eye and it seemed to jingle from half way up the street. 

Filled with trinkets and key chains of eclectic characters, I asked Syd an important question; What's in your bag?

what's in your bag syd torontoWho: Syd 
What's her sign: Scorpio
Instagram: @betsybbop
Occupation: Tattoo artist
Neighbourhood: Ossington Avenue
Going to: A party, up the street

RS: What's in your bag?

SYD: The essentials, makeup, a sharpie for tagging, writing or drawing, my perfume which is Jazz Club (Maison Margiela), wallet and of course my weed, definitely my weed. 

what's in your bag syd toronto

Her key chains were the first items you'll see, and hear, when you look at Syd's bag.

Here's a list of everything Syd has in her black leather bag
  • Approximately 4 to 5 products of her go-to makeup, which includes Burt's Bee's matte red crayon, Revlon lipstick in 'Rum Raisin', Superstay Ink Crayon in 'Settle For More', Hello Kitty Lip Smacker and Burt's Bee's watermelon lip balm.
  • Hello Kitty burger mint case filled with mints 
  • Camel Original Full pack
  • Empty pack of Camels she got from Cuba 
  • Her tag on stickers
  • One sharpie 
  • One bull-point pen

what's in your bag syd toronto

Syd's favourite item in her leather bag is her Hello Kitty burger mint pack that she got from a client.

  • An empty can of Perrier
  • Maison Margiela 'REPLICA' Jazz Club travel spray
  • Red and black wallet from Value Village
  • Metal grinder
  • Black bow ribbon
  • Turquoise pipe, packed. 
  • Keys, attached to her bag with Doraemon, baby Princess Piggy and Hello Kitty wearing a horse costume.

RS: What's the strangest thing in your bag?

SYD: Probably the pipe, but I've had a friend find an X-rated item in my bag once but that just happens. When I got out to clubs, I just hide it in a pocket, inside a jacket or deep inside the bag, there's always a way really.

RS: What's the weirdest thing you've found in your bag that you forgot about?

SYD: Underwear, after a night out and my first reaction was 'how did they get there' ha ha ha ha!

what's in your bag syd toronto

In Syd's bag was a plethora of cool items, from her essential lipsticks to her tagging material.

According to Syd, her favourite item is her Hello Kitty burger mint case that a tattoo client gave her. Hello Kitty is a constant theme with her key chains coming from vintage stores and Value Village.

Her pipe, packed and partially burnt, is an essential item in her bag. She carried all the essentials for packing a bowl, with her silver metal grinder filled with ground weed. 

When I asked her why she kept the empty pack of Camels from Cuba, she said she kept it for sentimental reasons as a reminder of her time there.

Lead photo by

Rhea Singh

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