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The best looks from a Euphoria-themed party at SoHo House in Toronto

This past Saturday, Soho House in Toronto hosted Euphoria House, an event by MOXEB, make-up artist Nate Matthews and creative Son of See. Behind the deck was Toronto DJ Young Teesh. 

Inspired by the HBO show 'Euphoria', gems, glitter, leather and dark tones encompassed the night's aesthetic.

Party-goers didn't give in to the stereotype of hyper neon colours and refind their Euphoria inspired look with their own orginality. Euphoria Soho House

Partygoers dressed in mesh, vintage patterns and donned bidazzled looks, Skye (right). Photo by Rhea Singh.

Euphoria Soho House@sopr3tty (left) and Janelle (right). Photo by Rhea Singh.

I spoke to Lea, who broke down her outfit and inspirations. Lea's look was inspired by Euphoria character Maddie Perez, and her iconic season 2 episode 1 party look.

"The character is edgey but also consistently keeps it classy," said Lea. "I didn't have the original cut out dress, but I made it work with this cut out turtleneck and mini skirt."

Lea's look was also completed with a silver Jean Paul Geaultier chain purse that brought out the characters over-the-top personality. 

Euphoria Soho House

Lea wore a combat boot mini 'dress' combition inspired by a main character of the show Euphoria. Photo by Rhea Singh.

Euphoria Soho HouseAlex (left) and Melanie (right). Photo by Rhea Singh.

While the show has consistently pushed bright colours, party-goers strayed from falling into the shows stereotypes.

Black, darker and nuetral tones were everywhere. Party-goers creativily explored the plethora of ways to make darker tones Euphoria-esque. 

Euphoria Soho House

Sam (left) and Danielle (right). Photos by Rhea Singh.

But glitter was everywhere, even within the darkest looks. Party-goer Lili spoke about her dress, a glitter drench pastel cut out dress.

The dress is a one-of-a-kind piece made from discarded textiles by Toronto-based designer Sapodillas.

Euphoria Soho House

Nana (left) and Lili (right). Photo by Rhea Singh.

Euphoria Soho HouseGabbie (left) and Zerlina (right). Photo by Rhea Singh. 

Euphoria Soho HouseTenn and Olivia (left) and Jackie (right). Photos by Rhea Singh. 

The themed party included a Euphoria themed drinks menu and emulated a 'boujie' high school party. Imagine a house party meets futuristic Y2K event. 

Euphoria Soho House

Henryx. Photos by Rhea Singh.

Young Teesh spinned for the night, while the hosts danced near the DJ booth. From dance circles to a prom-themed photo set at the entrance, Soho House hosted a successful themed night once again.

Photos by

Rhea Singh

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