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A giant skeleton is the hottest selling item at Home Depot right now

A giant skeleton sold at Home Depot might be the Halloween decor of the moment, only taking a slight back seat to all the memes going around about Spirit Halloween costumes like the one about the Oakville teacher.

The skeleton is already making appearances on front yards throughout the city including one in The Pocket neighbourhood north-east of Gerrard and Jones.

The giant skeleton currently sells at Home Depot for $448 and is described on the website as "the statement piece for your Halloween scene."

It's not only big (it's 12 feet tall) but also comes with LCD realistic eyes that move and blink on a timer.

It's all the rage in other cities and south of the border as well. The New York Times reports how it's been selling like hot cakes for the last two years and people have been hunting to find stores where it's in stock.

Some devotees have visited Home Depot five times a day hoping to catch the exact moment the giant skeleton arrives in stock.

Mashable says it's guaranteed to sell out every Halloween.

Apparently resale prices have seen it climb to close to $1,000.

Vice devoted an in depth article about the skeleton, reporting that it now "graces suburban lawns and city stoops from coast to coast" and that Home Depot regularly sells out within hours of getting it back in stock.

One person in Toronto wrote it was their new goal to put a whole series of giant skeletons along a street just like Inglewood Drive does with the giant Santas.

At least one person is wondering if the City of Toronto has bylaws that would prohibit them for putting it on their apartment deck.

If there's one thing to be sure, next year when Home Depot gets the giant skeleton back in stock, don't even think about it.

Just get it because you know this is a trend that's going to last for years to come.

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