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A Toronto clothing brand just did a collab with McDonald's and it's such a throwback

If you were a kid during the '80s and '90s, you were among those lucky enough to experience what many would say was the peak McDonald's experience in all of its McDonaldland and PlayPlace glory, which has since faded away in the McCafe era.

The tacky and colourful characters of Mr. Ronald McDonald himself, the Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie, Mayor McCheese, the McNugget Buddies and others were phased out for an overall aesthetic appealing more to adults, fireplaces and sleek interior finishes included (RIP to the epic Grimace and co. swivel chairs).

Tapping into our collective nostalgia for older iterations of the iconic brand is Toronto clothier Peace Collective, which just dropped a new collection made in partnership with McDonald's for McHappy Day on May 11.

Known for the popular "Toronto vs. Everybody" shirts, Peace Collective's newest line revives the old McD's gang in a series of shirts, sweats, jackets and accessories.

Items range from a $320 embroidered varsity jacket to $35 tote bags  and $12 enamel pins featuring the various throwback personalities. You can grab a pair of Grimace joggers or a Birdie toque, a t-shirt with Hamburglar peeking out of the front pocket or a keychain with them all.

The best part is that a portion of all sales from the line go to supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The limited edition items will be available for sale until McHappy Day.

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Peace Collective

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