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The best and worst Dollarama stores in Toronto

Dollarama in Toronto is kind of a necessary evil, providing a quick one-stop shop for essential basics at low prices, even if the prices aren't really that low anymore. If you're planning a trip to one of these stores to pick up some stuff on the cheap, though, it's good to know where to go and where to avoid.

Here are my picks for the best and worst Dollarama stores in Toronto.

Scarborough Town Centre

This location at a mall is nice and spacious with lots of selection, meaning they often have things in stock that might be more difficult to find at other stores. Say goodbye to a pathetic snack selection!

Bathurst and St. Clair

This location is one of the most massive we have here in Toronto, and there are two (count 'em, two!) sides with cashiers. We all hate waiting in those long Dollarama lines when lots of people are shopping.

Dufferin and Eglinton

Conveniently located near a bus stop, you can grab what you need from here and get going. It's also near a Shopper's so you can easily compare prices and get similar items for cheap without going far. It's also quite a large location.

Liberty Village

This location is very clean and located away from a main street so it's not as picked over or busy with lots of people during rush times.

Cloverdale Mall

This store is located on a lower level so not only is it a bit gloomy, there's no escalator or elevator so it's very inaccessible with lots of steps to climb. The layout isn't great and there sometimes aren't enough cashiers to help everyone.

Queen and Sherbourne

It's not necessarily the way this location is stocked that makes it a bit problematic. The location right next to Moss Park may make it a bit rough around the edges, so while you might find gems inside, it's possible that the atmosphere won't be your favourite. 

Dufferin Mall

This location can be a fun or convenient stop when visiting the mall, but you don't want to spend too much time down in this windowless basement location or you might start to feel suffocated. It can also get busy and loud due to its mall location.

Crossways Mall

This location is rather cramped with lots of narrow aisles and weirdly organized nooks and crannies. When staff are restocking it can be hard to get by which isn't fun for either party. Many people visit this location across from a subway station and under apartments, so long lines can form sometimes.

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