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A teenage barber gave a random subway passenger a haircut in Toronto

Life is busy, and it can be hard to find time for little things like a haircut when you're racing around the city on the TTC.

However, one passenger got more than they bargained for on a recent trip riding the rocket, getting an impromptu free barber session from a complete stranger in the city's subterranean transit tunnels.

Nobody leaves home expecting to voluntarily find themselves in a situation where a stranger holds sharp objects near their head in a fast-moving train, but that's exactly what this random subway passenger agreed to in a recent video making the rounds on social media.

Jacob Hew, a 16-year-old barber, brought a new meaning to the term "TTC cuts" with the fun stunt this past weekend, telling blogTO the scheme to cut someone's hair on the subway had been in the works by him and a friend for some time, but they only recently got the chance to put their plan into action.

Looking for an original way to capture the city's attention, Hew says he did some digging to see if anyone had tried a stunt like this before, though he must have missed the case of a 2018 subway rider who got lined up on the TTC. Still, his involving a complete stranger adds a very original twist to the stunt.

"Around Saturday at 4 p.m. after finishing up with my clients, my friend and I caught a ride to Finch Station with all my tools, including a handy fold-out chair," says Hew. "Unfortunately, that day, parts of the TTC weren't functioning, so we hopped on a bus to St.Clair." Because, of course, no stunt involving the TTC would be complete without some type of delay or closure thrown in the mix.

The plan almost evaporated before Hew's eyes when his friend almost backed out, but the pair eventually prevailed. Hew says they had already "asked around three or four people before we came across this guy heading to Yorkdale. He didn't take much convincing."

"The moment he agreed, my friend began to film the whole process. Many people passing came to support, and it was pretty amazing," Hew added.

There are, of course, some challenges posed by performing a haircut on a moving train, Hew explaining that they had to take into account the changes in train speed and required pauses when the train braked for stops.

Knowing he was on the clock, Hew made quick work, saying, "I finished the haircut in around 20 minutes by the bell, ending off around Yorkdale, so he had the chance to get to [his destination of] the mall."

He's been getting massive attention from the video, now with over 3,500 likes and almost 140 comments on TikTok and a very strong reception on Instagram as well. But that doesn't mean everyone is a fan of Hew's work.

When asked to comment on the matter of passengers giving haircuts on subway trains, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green kept it short and sweet, telling blogTO, "haircuts belong in barber shops, not on public transit. Even Bugs Bunny knew that."

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