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Canada Goose says it will no longer use fur in making of its jackets

Canada Goose has announced that it will no longer use fur in any of its products. 

In a press release, Canada Goose stated that "Through a phased approach, Canada Goose will end the purchase of fur by the end of 2021 and cease manufacturing with fur no later than the end of 2022." 

The luxury Canadian brand has faced backlash for years for its use of animal products. 

The global animal rights organization, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been actively protesting against Canada Goose for years with gruesome campaigns that demonstrate their stance on animal cruelty. 

PETA President, Ingrid Newkirk, issued a statement in response to Canada Goose's announcement that reads, "PETA and its affiliates are suspending their international campaigns against Canada Goose today, after years of eye-catching protests, hard-hitting exposés, celebrity actions, and legal battles." 

The statement continues, "as the company has finally conceded and will stop using fur-sparing sensitive, intelligent, coyotes from being caught and killed in barbaric steel traps. PETA will now re-engage the company to push for an end to its use of feathers, which geese and ducks continue to suffer for."  

Other sustainable groups are also applauding the announcement.

Barbara Cartwright, CEO of Humane Canada said that "This is a significant step forward toward building a more humane and sustainable world. We applaud Canada Goose's commitment to end the use of fur by late 2022 and the leadership position they are taking in their industry." 

Canada Goose announced its commitment in 2019 to achieve net-zero emissions and reduce emissions by more than 80 per cent from current levels by 2025.

As well, the brand plans to integrate sustainable solutions into 100 per cent of its packaging by 2025.  

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