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People had hilarious reactions to the crazy lineups at Vaughan Mills this weekend

Though the early 2000s novelty of Vaughan Mills has long worn off, the shopping centre has served as a litmus test of sorts for how eager people are to get out of lockdown and get their shop on.

The sprawling one-floor mall has seen lineups out the doors at various points during the pandemic, especially just before its region of York was locked down, or when it remained in operationo while Toronto retailers were closed.

As could have been expected, the centre has been bustling with people now that it's open for business again, so much so that customers are waiting in lines for nearly an hour to get in — but many are wondering why anyone would bother.

Videos from the mall this past weekend have surfaced online, showing packed parking lots and absolutely ridiculous lines of people waiting outside in chilly temps just to get in.

Whether it's the appeal of being able to shop somewhere in person again or the deals the outlet stores offer, residents are clearly excited for a chance to walk the centre's halls, and willing to pay the price of entry amid reduced capacity limits and other health and safety measures.

The fact that "non-essential" shops in nearby Toronto were locked down until Monday could also be a contributing factor to the crowds, as has been the case in the past when people region-hopped to areas where they could enjoy some semblance of normalcy amid the stringent lockdown than has overtaken the city since Nov. 23.

Still, many online are not understanding the appeal that would make the wait worth it, especially with malls in the city opening again this week, and the options of small businesses and online shopping being what they are.

Whatever the grounds for people's decision to flock there this weekend — or anytime, really — it's clear that Vaughan Mills shoppers are making up for time lost to weeks of pandemic closures, even if it means waiting patiently in the lengthy lineups that have become ubiquitous in our new normal.

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