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Toronto company making $65 crystal-filled water bottles donates portion to charity

Water bottles with crystals inside and a $65 price tag are one of the most eye-popping items sold by a new Toronto company, and they're donating a portion of the profits from each one sold to charity.

Spiral makes these unique crystal water bottles as well as all-purpose sanitizing misters in a cute pink colour, mask chains and apparel. A portion of the proceeds from every item sold goes to Youth Without Shelter Toronto.

spiral toronto

The founder of Spiral, Julia Stergiou. Photo courtesy of Julia Stergiou.

"I created Spiral after my family bakery Sorelle and Co. got shut down due to COVID back in May 2020 to motivate and inspire people especially during these hard times," Spiral founder Julia Stergiou told blogTO.

Sorelle and Co. was a gluten-free bakery empire with multiple locations, but unfortunately all of them have shuttered during the pandemic.

"I started off by creating handmade tie-dye shirts and dresses and everyone loved it," Stergiou said.

"The summer was coming to an end and the tie-dye trend was fading so then I decided to bring my brand to a whole new level. I love athletic gear and thought to myself, why not create a line of the perfect quality sports bras, leggings, and lifestyle accessories."

Spiral's "Crystal Healing Water Bottles" each have a totally unique Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Aventurine or Amethyst crystal inside. They're good for hot or cold beverages, are made out of glass with a bamboo lid and bottom, and come with a protective sleeve.

Not only do the crystals catch the eye, according to Stergiou, "Crystals promote the healing of the mind, body, and soul. They help promote the flow of good energy and rid the body and mind of negative energy."

"We will be releasing crystal healing soy candles in one month as well which we are extremely excited for. Crystals are very important to our brand in bringing all types positive and hopeful vibes to your home or everyday life," says Stergiou.

Rose Quartz is supposed to promote love, while Clear Quartz promotes intuition, healing and clarity. Aventurine is for luck and prosperity and Amethyst is for cleansing and protection.

"An extremely important part of our company is that we donate $1 off every item we sell to Youth Without Shelter in Etobicoke, Toronto. I knew I wanted to donate to a homeless shelter because I can't fathom the fact of people living outside and trying to fend for themselves. I wish I could physically help and volunteer, however COVID has made it difficult," says Stergiou. 

"This charity stood out the most for me because being a young adult myself and having a roof over my head makes me extremely grateful and makes me really feel the need and want to help those who don't have what I'm able to have. We have been able to raise almost $400 so far for the charity."

Stergiou is planning on growing the business so she'll be able to donate more off every item sold. In addition to the crystal healing soy candles, in the spring they'll also be releasing more athletic wear, lifestyle accessories, and bamboo sleepwear.

"Our brand is about comfort, convenience and quality," says Stergiou. "Spiral represents endless possibilities to us, and if you love something, don't hesitate and start it."

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