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Toronto Mayor John Tory keeps putting masks over his entire face for some reason

High-powered politicians: They're just like us!... Or so they would have us voters believe.

Toronto Mayor John Tory may present himself like the kind of guy who puts his pants on one leg at a time, but does he? Or does he somehow drape the pants over his entire body first before securing them on his legs?

You never really can tell what goes on behind closed doors, but press conferences are another story — and from what we've seen at least three times now in the background of government pressers, Tory has a bizarre way of putting on face masks.

During a scheduled COVID-19 update on Wednesday, the mayor of Canada's largest city was seen covering his entire face with a red mask before pulling it down over just his nose and mouth.

Tory was standing behind Toronto's Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa at the time, in the background of the news conference but still very much visible to everyone watching.

As de Villa sombrely announced that Toronto had reached a new record high daily case count of 850 infections, Tory did this:

I was watching the news and I caught this beauty, couldn't stop laughing from r/ontario

He actually pulled the same move at least three times during the one-hour-long press conference, as you can verify for yourself right here.

Had someone not filmed and uploaded the above clip to Reddit, they mayor's snafu(s) might have prompted a few chuckles among TV news audiences before disappearing into history.

Instead, it was posted to r/Ontario and then crossposted to r/Toronto, collectively raking in thousands of upvotes and hundreds of humorous comments.

"Vision Zero? More like ZeroVision," joked one Redditor of the mayor's long-running road safety campaign.

"When Toronto needs him the most. This December, John Tory is... Captain Canada," wrote another.

Many likened the mayor to the fictional DC Comics superhero (and famous mask-wearer) Bane, while others pointed out that Tory isn't the only Canadian leader who has done this on camera lately: Paul Wynnyk, chair Alberta's COVID-19 vaccine task force, put his mask over his entire face on Tuesday.

This coincidence perhaps begs the question: Do the people in charge (and also this random lady) know something we don't about the benefits of putting face masks on like they're five years old?

Whatever the case, it's hard to resist trying on a mask Tory-style once you've seen it.

"I definitely do this," remarked one Reddit user. "And every time, it reminds me how glad I am no one cares who I am and is taking pictures/videos of me." 

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