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Justin Bieber's new clothing line sold out almost instantly

Pre-teen pop star turned inked up bad boy turned Baldwin banging bottle blonde bible thumper Justin Bieber just finally blessed the world with his very own fashion line—and, as instinctual as it feels to hate the entire thing, I actually kind of don't.

Called Drew House (presumably in reference to Bieber's middle name), the new streetwear brand appears to draw inspiration from the superstar's own hypercasual, dirty-chic lewks of late.

It's maximum sleazecore, in other words.

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The brand's logo is a retro-style smiley face with the word "drew" standing in for a mouth and its premier collection consists mainly of beige courdoury slacks and shirts, black, red and yellow logo sweatshirts and oversized tees, and a pair of shorts with the word "drew" emblazoned across the crotch.

Bieber himself isn't yet mentioned or pictured in marketing materials for the line, which dropped on Wednesday, but the singer did show off some cute Drew-branded slippers on Instagram last month.


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"drew house is a place where you can be yourself," reads the about section of the newly launched Drew House website. "blah blah blah blahsdkbksjdfhl wear like you don’t care. come chill. k. bye."

The caption of an Instagram post published on launch day futher clarifies that the garments are "ethically made in L.A." but not much else, which might be the point—nay, the aesthetic.

It's certainly a lot more Hauler than OVO, as far as corporate streetwear brands go. Price wise, it's somehwere in between. At roughly $50 a t-shirt, Drew is a lot cheaper than, say, Stüssy or Supreme.

Sadly for grown-up Beliebers and the neo-grunge teens of L.A., everything listed on the House of Drew's website is now completely sold out.

Esquire Magazine, which praises the collection as "perfectly sleazy" reports that every garment was accounted for within hours of the site going live, despite how many people seem to find the line "boring" and "ugly" and "K-Mart."

Does this mean Bieber count himself in the ranks of music artists who've spawned legitimate fashion empires?

Too soon to say, but I expect that Drew House becomes the next Yeezy as much as I expect that Bieber becomes the next Kanye West... try as the former artist might to emulate the later with those monochrome utility basics.

You know you were thinking it too.

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