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Shock and confusion as Deciem stores in Toronto remain closed

News of the abrupt closure of Toronto-based brand Deciem has sent the beauty world into a tizzy.

The 'abnormal beauty company,' lauded for its innovative and affordable skincare formulas announced on Monday that it would be shutting down all its stores, save for a single location in the U.K.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the closure—which, according to the Instagram post could be temporary—has left thousands of dedicated (cult-like, almost) Deciem users worldwide grasping for answers.

Local employees of the brand, too, have been properly screwed over, with shifts at all stores across Toronto being temporarily suspended while Deciem gets its business in order.

As of right now, the main Deciem website appears to have gone under, though sites for The Ordinary, the brand's most popular line, and the  more expensive Niod, are still up and running. 

Meanwhile, lovers of the brand's inexpensive line are stocking up where they can.

Taking to a bevy of social media chatrooms popping up online, people are sharing the latest information about where to still buy Deciem products and speculating about the befuddling behaviour of Deciem's eccentric CEO Brandon Truaxe.

Truaxe's strange behaviour has been well-documented by several news outlets over the last year. 

Starting with what can only be described as an erratic takeover of Deciem's social media in January, followed by a string of controversial activity online, it seems Truaxe's series of unfortunate events have reached a boiling point.

In response to his sudden and sometimes incoherent IG video announcing Deciem's closure, Estée Lauder has hit him with a lawsuit in an attempt to remove him from the helm of the beauty brand. 

The global fashion and beauty giant is an investor in the brand and was in Toronto courts today seeking that Truaxe be prohibited from any involvement in the company and also hand over the reins to Deciem's various social media accounts.

Truaxe, for his part, did not appear in court but has been posting frequently on Instagram throughout the day including an incoherent video from some hotel in Amsterdam.

As for Deciem, all Toronto stores remain closed with no sign of activity. The brand's head office at 517 Richmond East is similarly a ghost town.

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