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Party and event rentals and supplies in Toronto

Party and event rentals and supplies might be just what you need to make your Toronto wedding, dinner party or blowout bash a roaring success. You might not have a 200-person tent, five dozen Ghost chairs, or a striking-yet-rustic barnwood table lying around, but for a fee, you can make your party as grand as your heart desires.

Here are my suggestions for where to get your party and event rentals and supplies in Toronto.

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Chair-Man Mills
Arguably the biggest (and the best named) event supply rental outfit in town, the Chairman aims to be a true one-stop shop for weddings and corporate events. Chairs and tables of all styles and sizes are a focus, but they also offer linens, stylish place settings and serving equipment, and a small selection of sleek, clean-lined lounge furniture.

Higgins Event Rentals
Higgins promises everything your event needs "from top to bottom" - which, in their case, means offering large tent rentals, in addition to a decent furniture selection and a wide array of dishes (with 13 different styles of place settings to choose from), tableware and glassware. They've even got staging and portable dance floor tiles.

Iceman Toronto
If The Iceman cometh to your party, you'll be set for prepackaged ice (in block, cube or crushed form, in packages up to 18kg). In case you need to bring out the big guns for whatever reason, you can also rent an ice merchandiser (a.k.a. one of those big chest things that says "ICE") or an even trailer - or tap them to make a custom ice sculpture.

Does your otherwise-perfect event venue lack a bar? (Gasp!) Check out Bartendo, whose convertible bars can be customized to any length and shape - then they'll staff it and supply the glassware throughout the evening.

Event Rental Group
Event Rental Group also does seating and tables, linens, dishes and catering gear (chocolate fountain, anyone?), but their focus on current design trends might be what really sets them apart. Check out their past event designs for inspiration - they pull from their wide library of gear to create Tiffany's and Gatsby-inspired bashes.

Divine Event Rental
Divine specializes in major glamour - lots of glass tables, Lucite chairs, striking bars and white leather sofas among their rentable pieces of furniture.

Contemporary Furniture Rentals
Contemporary Furniture Rentals is the city's No. 1 destination for, well, exactly that. Among their selling points: They've got the largest collection of Starck Ghost chairs in North America, as well as a collection of furniture specifically designed and custom-made in Canada for event use (available in 12 different colours, natch). They also offer gear for food stations, dining tables, and other serving and dishware.

Marvelle Event Rentals
If you'd rather go the laid-back, "shabby-chic" route than order 150 identical gleaming-white sets of everything, Marvelle might be more your speed. Available for rent from this full-service event company: Harvest-style tables, bars fashioned from wine barrels, and fun vintage odds and ends like typewriters and mason jars.

Gervais Party & Tent Rentals
Scarborough-based Gervais boasts a selection of 1,200 rentable items, from enormous tents and canopies to retro marshmallow sofas and fake plants to casino equipment. (Oh, yeah - they also offer basic stuff like plates, chafing dishes and furniture.)

Did I miss any? Leave your picks for event rentals and supplies in Toronto in the comments.

Photo via the Event Rental Group

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