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Where to get leather repaired in Toronto

Leather repair in Toronto can breathe new life into some of our favourite possessions. It always seems to be the leather goods — a choice handbag, beloved jacket, leather chaps...whatever — that wear out the fastest, resulting in unrivaled dismay in comparison to most rips and tears. A needle and thread will provide a quick fix for most cotton-based blunders, but when it comes to leather, it's best to resort to the professionals. Here are some of the places offering leather first aid in Toronto.

The Sandalman, 1181 Davenport Road (416.533.6335)

Sandalman is pretty much the name when it comes to leather repair in Toronto. Owner Cory Bernatt has been at the trade for over three decades, fixing anything and everything leather including bags, jackets, furniture, belts and more. And The Sandalman, of course, will always build you a fresh pair of sandals while your sofa is being restored.

Coats by Mary Ellen, 951 Wilson Avenue (416.785.2040)

Naturally, those who know how to built it, also know how to fix it. Coats by Mary Ellen is family-owned North York shop known for its custom coats, but also for its leather services and repairs. And no — not just for coats. Prices are generally pretty affordable, and Italian conversation is always encouraged.

Leather Genie, Everywhere

This hilariously named company is Toronto's answer to mobile leather repair. The leather genie has been working his leather "magic" (cringe) for over 30 years, fixing up scratches, worn leather, tears, discoloration and more. The genie, also known as Peter Otis, works all throughout the GTA.

Cheeseworth Invisible Mending, 645 Mount Pleasant Road (416.481.2251)

At Mount Pleasant and Davisville, Cheeseworth Invisible Mending is one of those old-school dry clean and garment repair shops where a fedora just seems terribly necessary. Cheeseworth does all sorts of garment and accessory leather repair — and needless to say — knows how to bury a seam.

Kaner's Handbag and Shoe Repair, 110 Bloor Street W (416.920.9982)

Mustafa Ali at Kaners has garnered the venerable reputation as one of Toronto's best for restoring Blahniks to like-new, but he also knows a thing or two about ripped or worn leather. This lower-level Bay Street shop is particularly the place to go with luxury leather handbags that are in need of some first-aid, and yes, you can trust him with your quilted lamb leather.

Burkcraft, 191 Nugget Ave (416.850.4250)

Perhaps not your go-to spot for those leather boots your wore out in the snow, but Burkcraft can work wonders on tired leather furniture. The shop specializes in custom reupholstery and creative repair, and the decent quotes the shop offers generally makes the trek to Scarborough worth the drive. A good choice as well for restoring old leather antiques.

Sole Survivor,16 Kensington Ave (647.995.3306)

This is one place that won't give you a second glance if your haul includes shoes and garments in need of some vegan leather love. Owner Katie Reed can offer repairs for both vegan leather and regular leather products, all while suggesting the best polishes, potions, and cleaners to keep them looking brand-spankin'-new. Right in the heart of Kensington Market.

Shoe Repair Plus, 920 Pape Avenue (416.463.2002)

Let the "plus," in this case, refer to everything leather. (Though it might actual refer to custom shoe creation, but that's besides the point). Mike Roussetos is the leather master at this East York shop, equipped with a lifelong roster of leather repair knowledge as a Greek shoemaker's son. On Pape at Mortimer.


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