LFW Fall 2007: Rudsak

Rudsak is another great Canadian leather and outerwear label. Quebec seems to produce great talent in this field. Canadian designers have made an impact globally in these areas of the fashion industry. The media kit was perfect. It contained some large high quality images, a complete line sheet, designer bios, collection description and a look book. A line sheet is the most basic and essential item to give to your guests. I hate trying to guess the material in an item of clothing.

Rudsak presented both men's and women's clothes for Fall 2007. Leather accentuates fabrics like mohair herringbone twill, double face and melton wool. The colour palette was typical, chino, taupe, chocolate brown, ivory and black. Jacket styles included peacoats, bomber jackets and trenches. Details included parachute sleeves, rounded and asymmetrical collars, drawcords, removable leather insets and sleeves. The men's offerings were of a classic nature, single-breasted jackets, peacoat and anoraks. Coats were available in both leather and wool versions. I loved coats with parachute sleeves and with the leather forearm sleeve detailing. My favourite of the collection was a 他 length, black mohair wool coat with a pleated leather bottom and button detailing on the front.

The handbags were consisted of your standard shapes, bucket, hobo, messenger and satchel. Of course, suede and leather are the materials. I didn't notice the handbags on the women in the show. I do remember the men's messenger bags and the suitcase. The lookbook didn't show me any other salivating worthy pieces. I did like the suede hobo displayed on the book's cover.

Rudsak introduced women's footwear this collection. Most of the models were wearing these great over the knee slouchy leather boots. They looked great, but they are probably an "in theory" item. An in theory item is one that looks great on someone else but not you. You really have to be tall and have long legs to pull these boots off. The look book had other boot styles and a pair of black lace up granny style boots caught my eye. I might have to make some inquires about them. The footwear follows the same colour palette so you can match your jacket.

Overall, the show was well done but I had the same problem as with Mackage, too many pieces. The show definitely could have used some editing. This was one of the more fashion star-studded shows. I sat behind Jeanne Beker and Miss Jay Alexander from ANTM.

Final Pass of the Models

You can view pictures from the show at the official site and Wire Images.

image: top - me, bottom - www.lorealfashionweek.ca

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