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The Tevrow + Chase store has a delicious, secret feel about it. Maybe that's because it's not a store at all, but a showroom: this means no store-front, and they're not open on weekends. I had to peer around the address for a minute or two before I saw the subtle sign heralding, simply, "Tevrow + Chase."

Backed by Canadian fashion juggernaut Joseph Mimran (see: Club Monaco, Joe Fresh Style), designer Paul Sinclaire makes timeless, sporty pieces that match the simplicity of the showroom's exterior. The clothes are cut with clean lines, and a feminine feel, but no silliness. In an e-mail interview, Sinclaire says, "I've always loved the 'sportive' look with an edge."

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As befitting a line that tilts toward the "contemporary" price-level, the clothes aren't cheap, but the quality of the fabrics and the timelessness of the cuts equals an investment piece that won't set you back too much. As Sinclaire said, "Our hallmarks are fit, and the focus on details." (For a reference point, it's roughly around the price and look-and-feel as Pink Tartan, the chic, sporty line of Mimran's wife Kimberley Newport-Mimran.)

The clothes here would look right at home on a Hitchcock heroine: there were enough scalloped black wool skirts ($295), gray flannel short-sleeved sheaths ($365), cashmere sweater dresses ($325), and black wool bubble-hemmed coats ($695) to send me girlishly giggling right back to the fifties.

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The line also contains more on-trend pieces with that aforementioned detailing, such as a cashmere turtleneck with cable-knit cap sleeves ($295), slouchy sweaters in sherbet hues of yellow and pink ($200), graphic-print bow blouses ($265), and one hell of a purple plaid trench ($695).

The focus here seems to be on excellent separates (say, ivory blazers and black jeans) that would last a good long while and that would make top-notch outfit-anchoring classics. But even the dresses have a sensible feel about them, like the black linen frock with white-piped pockets and a single button at the neck ($395).

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The one thing I, sadly, couldn't find here was a good pair of pants, or a really memorable skirt. Pants are huge this fall (literally!), but there wasn't any at Tevrow + Chase that struck my fancy: the fabric always felt too flimsy, or the cut didn't seem very flattering.

And no skirts jumped out at me, either: in a store packed with great pieces, bottoms are the only place where Sinclaire had seemingly strayed, although I'm sure a beautiful pant will arrive shortly from a designer who places so much emphasis on cut.

According to Sinclaire, "I am more interested in style than trend. The word trend implies something temporary, where as I am more fond of things long term. I think it's more about timeless style." All is forgiven for such a lovely line that is all about striding confidently into the clean-lined future, with just enough of a ladylike nod to the feminine filles of the past.

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