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Shared got no love for years in Canada, but the super-soft tees have finally come home, with the local line opening a wee shop on Bathurst.

There, people can pick up tees, cardigans, and hoodies spun from Shared's prized Supima cotton, which is the highest grade available in the United States. It's shipped to Toronto, where it's knitted, dyed, washed, dried, cut, and sewn. "We want to really control the whole process," said co-owner Carlo Colacci.

Shared Toronto

But people weren't so hot on Toronto-made tees at first. "We've been wholesale for five years now. People didn't want local before, so we sold in New York, Los Angeles, and Japan. Canadian customers are kind-of conservative and followers," says Colacci.

But once the trend for local wares started, Colacci and his partner Joyce Lo thought it might be time for a TO try-out. After a pop-up shop next to The Drake was successful, the two stuffed their new permanent space with a half-and-half mix of men's and women's shirts.

Tees start at $38, tanks at $30, sweatshirts at $88, and cardigans at $85.

Shared Toronto

The palette will change with the seasons, although neutrals will always be on-hand. My favourites were the slouchy teal tank, and the white tees with that perfect worn-in feel (without the unsightly stains). It's practically Shared's trademark--according to Colacci, they want people to buy tees that feel like you've already worn it forever. Success? Yes.

Shared Toronto

I really dug the prints that the pair use on some of their tees: slogans include "Old Flames Are Dead Matches" and "Less Make-up, More Make-Out," and there was a lovely, spare math table gracing a few pieces. Shared hopes to start collaborating with local designers in the spring for some new designs. (Maybe you can pair 'em with the Ksubi jeans and Generic Surplus shoes also on sale here.)

But the best part? A full 50% of profits go toward charity. And when you buy something, you can write down your charity suggestion for where the cash should go.

Now that's sharing.

Shared Toronto

Photos by Eugen Sakhnenko.

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