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It's pretty easy for me to spend an entire day wandering around Trinity Bellwoods in West Queen West , checking out stores and spending money on just about everything (from clothes to food to books). It's one of my favourite things to do. So I was pretty excited when I stumbled on a new shop to pop into: Robber .

Robber Queen West

Opened by Erin Hall (a Torontonian) and Robin de Pelham (a native Vancouverite), the store is both an ode to big city hipsterdom and west coast minimalism. The savvy pair met while working at Stylefinds and after a mutual desire to change their working lifestyles, they bought up the small store (formerly Brazen Hussy ) and transformed it into a pared-down easy-to-shop-in space.

Robber Fashion Store

The pair have spent a ton of time sourcing interesting labels from across Canada and around the world including Sunja Link (Vancouver), Erin Templeton (Vancouver), Dunderdon (Sweden), LIFEwithBIRD (Australia), Mociun (United States) and Steven Alan (United States), just to name a few. And because they've spent so much time eating, breathing and writing about fashion, they're totally knowledgeable about what outfits work and which definitely don't.

Robber Clothing

The store is packed with interesting, good-looking finds. There's the Dace Mackie oversized plaid shirt ($169) and the Built by Wendy tiered ruffle skirt ($216), as well as the Permanent Vacation batik print summer dress ($240).

I'm particularly in love with the Sunshine & Shadow hand-dyed silk scarves ($135, especially the bright fluorescent yellow one) and the cozy Alternative Apparel eco-friendly tanks, tees and sweaters ($22-$45). And for jewelery aficionados, cute pieces adorn the store's walls and tabletops (check out the Species by the Thousands recycled 18k rose gold ring, $99).

Robber Queen

It's the kind of store that will outfit you in leisurely, feminine and cool clothes to spend your Saturday or Sunday afternoon in. And there's no getting enough of that.

Robber Fashion

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