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Mejuri is a homegrown jewellery brand selling affordable fine pieces made from sterling silver and solid gold.

In a new age of accessorizing, where jewellery is less of a flashy luxury and more of a daily requirement to complete a casual look, this Toronto brand has become a staple for the budget-conscious who love some good bling.

mejuri torontoFirst launched in 2015 by Noura Sakkijha, a third-generation jeweller, Mejuri quickly gained traction as an an e-commerce, Instagram-focused business before opening its first brick and mortar in 2018.

mejuri torontoIt's no wonder the brand is so popular here and at its outpost in New York: it's the epitome of "millenialized" fine jewellery, with pieces that are on-trend while being super affordable.
mejuri torontoYou'll find sterling silver necklaces and chokers for under $100, or solid 14-karat gold necklaces with black diamonds for under $400.

mejuri torontoThey even do engagement rings, the most expensive being $2,600 for a cluster of eleven conflict-free diamonds. Materials are internationally sourced, from countries like Korea and Italy.

mejuri torontoThe markdown is immense compared to other retailers, skipping the middle man to bring pieces to buyers. 

mejuri torontoOn top of that, Mejuri drops a new collection every week, amounting to a staggering 52 a year, as opposed to regular retailers who only release collections seasonally.

mejuri torontoThe whole process takes just three weeks from design to production, meaning dedicated fashionistas have something fun to look forward to every seven days.

mejuri torontoRight now, you’ll find a collection of Zodiac necklaces ($101) and rings made from sterling silver ($88), with white sapphires embedded to match the constellation of your astrological sign.

mejuri torontoStaples pieces that you'll find year-round are a pair of oversized thin hoops made from 14-karat gold ($375).

mejuri torontoAlso requiring a waitlist is the grain leather travel case ($108), a simple-yet-necessary invention that lets you safely carry around three pairs of earrings, four necklaces, and multiple rings while on the go.

mejuri torontoFor me, the gold vermeil pieces are the standout; better quality than gold-plated stuff, with a thicker layer of gold. Detailed medallions like their Tarot Card collection is brass-coated with gold playing, and run $95 each.

mejuri torontoMejuri's stuff is durable: you can wear their 14K gold pieces in the shower, to sleep, or to your hot yoga class without fear of discolouration. Either way, all purchases come with a two year warranty, just in case.

mejuri toronto

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