Life's too short for boring shoes, I say, and, apparently, Lustre owner Glynis Dupuis feels the same way. After getting rave reviews for the small selection of shoes she was slinging at her West Queen West boutique Response , she decided to open a second shop on the Danforth dedicated to dazzling footwear--oh, and bags, too.

And what bags! Most of Lustre's bags are from the Tano line, and feature a whole wall's worth of sturdy matte and shiny leathers in shades of mustard, brown, ochre, olive, coral, cream, and navy ($115 to $425). There's a bag here for everyone, whether it be satchel, messenger bag, tote, or purse.

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But back to the shoes. The footwear carried here is definitely colourful, said Dupuis--and never boring. There's plenty of flash, and fun detailing that comes across as quirky, interesting, or tres girly, but (well, almost) never tacky. (I didn't care for Nina's gina-tastic gold mesh pumps or some of the styles from Bobbi Blu and Cindy Says.)

The tendency is toward height: there's a small assortment of flats and low-heeled boots, sure, but the majority of the footwear here is not for the heels-challenged. (Dupuis says, however, that she tries on each shoe before she buys it for the store, and that comfort is a top priority. For the faint of heart, there are some mega-chunky Chie Mihara offerings and Modern Vintage boots that are pretty solid.)

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Brands that caught my eye were Seychelles (including a chunky gray open-toed bootie with a teal stacked heel, $165), Kensie (and their open-toed black wedges with the bronze back), and the many outrageous pieces from Hale Bob that just tickled me pink. Try on a pair of black stilettos with a black-and-white striped bow adorned with gold mermaids or a bejeweled crown ($125).

Maybe my headline should've said: "If you like gold-mermaid-studded stillettos, this is the store for you." See also: the pair of red patent stilettos garnished with a puff of green, orange, and cream chiffon ($120). Sounds hideous? Yes. Looks strangely amazing? Yes. Maybe not for everyone? Definitely.

So if it's flash and fashion you're after, rather than frump or function, I definitely recommend the shop.

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