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I was browsing the selection at Heel Boy. I moved past the sandals and towards the purses near the cash.

As I picked up a Nine West gold handbag ($160) I heard, "If men were in charge of the world..." I perked up. My feminist ears were tingling. "If men were in charge of the world," the male customer repeated, "the only shoes would be high heels."

Some customers in the store laughed. "What would men wear then?" A sales associate asked.

"I guess the only shoes for women would be high heels," the man replied. A moment passed. "I'm kidding," he laughed. "That was wrong."

Was it my glare?

If, for some reason, a tyrannical male regime took over Earth and decided to abolish all flat footwear, Heel Boy would be the place to go for high heels. Since said regime has yet to usurp power, Heel Boy also has a great selection of flats, sandals and sneakers.

"A lot of the stuff you'll find here is really funky," said sales associate Anne-Christine Soehner. "We carry a lot of designers other stores don't have."

Fornarina, an Italian company, is big at Heel Boy. Their purple suede heels with metallic detailing ($225) adorn Heel Boy's shelves. Rocket Dog's red peek-toe canvas flats are available for $50. There's also a rainbow of Hunter boots for $125.

Some of the more well-known designer shoes are also sold at Heel Boy. I spotted a great pair of Steve Madden Scarff flip flops for $70 and Miss Sixty teal heels with gold detailing for $210.

Though the fabulous and unusual styles make for great purchases for both men and women, the sales associates make for a great shopping experience. When I first walked into the store I swear I couldn't tell who was employed by the store and who was shopping there. I just saw groups of people having great conversations.

Later, when only one customer was browsing the shelves, I was astonished to find all three of the sales associates tending to her needs. There was no logging on to Facebook while one picked up the slack, no back-room chatting or going out for a smoke.

"These sandals are cute," one said, offering a black heel to the customer.

"Yeah, I can't wear heels though," she replied.

"Try these," another sales associate said. I whirled around to see her grab a pair of flats from across the store. "They're classic, elegant shoes."

Another girl comes out of the back. "What about these ones? If you're wearing a black dress they'll give it a bit of a spark."

Heel Boy definitely has shoes to add spark and accessories to match. It's a great place to shop to find interesting designs and even a little inspiration. As I was leaving I glanced at the chalkboard behind the cash. "The qualities I find sexy in a person include intelligence, humour, and really good shoes. -Sting, Rock Star."

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Heel Boy

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