lumieres de baia toronto

Lumieres de Baia

Lumieres de Baia is a Brazilian bikini shop that occupies the back half of the ground floor of the Burroughes Building next to Design Republic , sharing a space with various rotating pop-ups in the front half. The store taps into the Brazil zeitgeist; with the country playing host to both the World Cup and the Olympics within the span of a couple of years, it makes sense that there is a growing curiosity about its culture.

This is where you can pick up mix-and-match tops and bottoms - at a very reasonable $75 per set - for teeny-tiny to tiny bikinis in a variety of sunny and bright colours. Brazilians aren't looking for full coverage cuts in their swimwear - they love to show off their ass ets (emphasis on the first syllable) - so don't come here looking for modest one-pieces.

An insider tip for the next time you visit Copacabana or Ipanema: the shop also sells colourful sarongs, which any beach-town local knows is far superior to a bulky towel.

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