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Laughing Stuff

Laughing Stuff is a costume shop on Yonge Street, with just about every inch of its walls covered in, well, stuff! Upon entering, I found myself staring idly into the decked out storefront, taking in the Obamas, Homers, and other debatably un-breathable facemasks that covered the windows. This was just a taste of what I was about to see inside, as the Hulk, Regan, and Joker (among others) hung from the ceiling, and plenty more eclectic finds for goofy, gothic, or glamorous costumes.

As I sifted through some clutter and then some, I felt comforted at the thought of being in a costume store that sells more than just a suggestive hot maid or sexy firefighter. Of course those are available too. It's costume stores like these that are necessary for those 'one of a kind' finds you can't pick up at shoppers drug mart. Take their "old school grills"→ I may not intend to mimic Lil Wayne's gold teeth, but I'd like the option to.

In addition to their packaged full piece costumes that sell between 50 and 60 bucks, a large portion of their inventory includes last minute touches and accessories that you can get for under $10. Some include ninja swords ($9.99), fangs ($7.00), and cat ears ($3.00). They also have a pretty extensive assortment of Halloween inspired face paint, makeup, and even some false diva eyelashes.

Most of the clientele walking around fit into the twenty-something demo, though they do offer a small variety of children's costumes. The shop owner running the cash register mentioned that they've been around for about 20 years. It then came to my attention that some of their inventory might have been sitting around for that long too.

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