good day hairshop toronto

Good Day Hairshop

Good Day Hairshop is Kensington's answer to a modern salon and barbershop, where the only thing with attitude is your hair when they're done with it. Even in a bustling city like Toronto, it's tough to find a reliable place to get your hair cut that isn't over-priced or stuffy. Enter Kensington Market's newest barbershop salon, where accessible, street style-influenced dos are the name of the game.

Tegan Mierle recognized the lack of a place like Good Day after fruitlessly searching Toronto for a salon in Toronto that met her needs. "I found it really difficult to find something in the city that was in between high end and alternative," says Mierle. "And I met a lot of people who wanted to go somewhere and get street style-influenced hair that's friendly and easygoing."

good day hairshop toronto

Mierle and Jonathon Burford are co-owners of Good Day, and with backgrounds in tech and fashion, respectively, and both OCAD grads, it's easy to see why their space at 32 St. Andrew Street looks so cool. Formerly Shampoo Hair Studio , the salon now boasts a black-and-white, minimalist aesthetic, all pulled together by a custom checkerboard floor designed and painted by Mierle.

good day hairshop toronto

Although there are only two full-time stylists - Burford and Mierle are in the process of hiring two more - there are six styling stations where you can get everything from a bang trim ($5) to a full head of colour (starting at $60).

While neither of Good Day's owners is a trained hair stylist, Burford has serious roots in the Toronto hair scene. His parents own House of Lords Hair Design and he grew up right above the salon. Burford now lives in part time in L.A. where he is the creative director at BeautyCon , a digital beauty and fashion company.

good day hairshop toronto

Aside from budget-conscious prices and a full range of services, Mierle and Burford's main focus is bringing their own and their client's online inspiration to life. What bloggers and vloggers like LaurDIY and the girls from Kastor & Pollux do is what sets the tone at Good Day, and what fills their Instagram feed . Pastel dye jobs, grey ombre and blunt bobs are a few favourites, both of the stylists at Good Day and their clients.

good day hairshop toronto

To fuel that inspiration, Good Day will soon have a new and improved website , created by Mierle, that will include their own hair and makeup tutorials, and lots of curated content from their favourite DIY-ers.

"The thing that's great about bloggers is that they are people and not brands," says Mierle. "I like the fact that we can choose all these girls that are great at creating DIY content, and then we can showcase it to our customers. We really support DIY - although we don't want you to go and cut your own hair."

good day hairshop toronto

Photos by Jesse Milns.

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