Girl Friday

Girl Friday

The first thing I noticed when I last walked into Girl Friday was a table in the centre with selected clothes items and accessories. I was ready to purchase all of the items: khaki capris, a funky tank top and a bag and shoes to complete the outfit. Had I been loaded with cash I would have made the purchase and left but it was a good thing I didn't because I would have missed out on looking at Girl Friday's specialty - dresses.

Two helpful staff members were very knowledgeable about the company and informed me that Girl Friday was started by a Ryerson Graduate five years ago and she designs most of the dresses in the store. They told me they were both wearing a Girl Friday creation and that their names were Anna and Diana. For a second I thought they meant that those were their names but then they pointed out the Girl Friday dresses all have girl names like Shannon, Ashley etc. I'm sure other clothing brands do that too but that was my first time seeing it so I thought it was pretty cool!

Beyond dresses there are also Girl Friday tops and a variety of other items from brands such as Foxy, Dish Jeans , Nougat London and Montreal's Second Denim.

Their accessories wall offers a little bit of everything from flip flops to jewelry and all at a reasonable price ($10-$20 flip flops and $10-$50 costume jewelry).

Overall Girl Friday stocks trendy casual to semi formal pieces. Recently, a lot of them have been in lovely teal and purples but I have also spotted other colours throughout their collection.

Contributed by Michelle Williams

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