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The east meets west. Identity, on Queen Street East, has opened up a new store on Queen Street West known as Cartel. Clayton, owner of both boutiques, has done a good job at keeping the new shop aesthetically clean and the selection of clothes plenty - ladies you aren't left out.

Several brands in stock:

Crooks & Castles

10 Deep


Lemar & Dauley

King stampede


Hellz Bellz


+ More


Cartel does not have a Las Vegas billboard sized sign but it sure does have another good way of grabbing your attention. A few meters away from the store I could already hear the words of Sean Price out of Cartel's speakers and point of interest began from then on. A good playlist is necessary for my enjoyment in shopping - nothing worse than having to pump up the volume on my mp3 player to mask the horrible songs playing throughout a store.


Upon entrance of the store I was greeted by two chill and helpful guys - Mike and Christian. Both put together two outfits. The left will run you about $250 while the right will get you all the way up to $1250.

Crooks & Castles

Artwork and displays around the shop compliment the walls. Upstairs is a room solely dedicated to Crooks & Castles. Hoboken and Haberdashery have brought vintage POLO pieces into the shop for a limited time only.

Future plan for Cartel is to receive


Homeroom , 3sixteen , 3 sixteen's subline Nhtvsn , and Crooks & Castles exclusives. Consignment for shoes is also off for now but will be back in the near future.

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