cherry blossoms in high park

Tunin' for Human, Bloomin' a Blossomin'

Every year, for a rather short window of time, spring flaunts its beauty loud and clear and the cherry blossoms at High Park bloom. The rain this week is a much needed part of the recipe for spring springing, but it's also taken a bit of a toll on the delicate blossoms, which are already beyond peak bloom and starting to paint the ground (stunning photo in the blogTO Flickr pool). Tomorrow afternoon may be the time to visit the park.

japanese plum blossom

While the weather today doesn't look ideal, the rain and gloom are expected to to clear up tomorrow morning, and if that happens, you can expect the folks of Promise (the people that bring us Cherry Beach Sundays in the summer) to bring out the sound system for some tranquil, beatless ambient music to go along with the viewing and chilling on the park.

If you've never seen the trees before, grab something to keep your butt from getting soaked and get down there this weekend, or you might have to wait 12 months for the opportunity to arrive again!

Promise ambient cherry blossom picnic at High Park
Date: Sunday, May 4, 2008
Time: 3:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: High Park

Photos by Jerrold Litwinenko. Check out photos from last year's Promise event in High Park.

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