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We compared Dollarama food prices to major grocers and the difference is eye-opening

With soaring food prices, it seems that many Canadians have found an affordable alternative to major grocers — Dollarama.

The discount retail chain is known for its inexpensive craft supplies, toiletries and home goods, but the store also has a sizeable grocery aisle, and many are turning to it to stock their kitchens.

Several shoppers have recently found significant price differences between Dollarama and grocery giants like Loblaws, Metro and Sobeys.

This week, a Reddit user pointed out the alarming price difference in Tylenol between the discount store and Shoppers Drug Mart.

One mystery customer even began adding notes under Real Canadian Superstore items, letting people know they're cheaper at Dollarama.

So we decided to browse the aisles of the dollar store and compare the price of five grocery items to Loblaw, Metro, Sobeys and Walmart. The results were eye-opening.

Ruffles All Dressed chips — 200g

Dollarama: $2.75
Superstore: $4.48
IGA: $4.25
Walmart: $4.47

If you're craving classic Ruffles All Dressed chips, the price difference is almost $2 when comparing Dollarama pricing ($2.75) to the price at major grocers.

Earth’s Own Oat Milk — 946ml

Dollarama: $2.50
Superstore: $3.49
IGA: $3.69
Walmart: $4.47

Surprisingly, yes, you can buy oat milk at the discount retail chain for $1 cheaper. It's not a huge difference, but it will definitely contribute to a cheaper grocery bill.

Country Harvest bread — 600g

Dollarama: $3
Loblaws: $4.49
Metro: $4.79
Superstore: $2.77

You can even buy a loaf of bread at Dollarama (and a legit brand, not a questionable dollar store brand like this escargot). You can save around $1.50 if you buy Country Harvest Whole Grains Bread from the discount chain.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch — 354g

Dollarama: $3.50
Loblaws: $4.50 (regular price $5.99)
Metro: $5.49
Walmart: $4.97

Dollarama has a pretty good array of cereal, including Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is almost $2.50 cheaper than at Loblaws and Metro.

Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk — 946ml

Dollarama: $2.50
Superstore: $3.79
IGA: $2.79 (regular price $3.49)
Walmart: 3.27

Round out your breakfast with some Silk Almond milk, which costs $2.50 at the discount retail chain. When comparing the prices to Real Canadian Superstore and IGA, you can save over $1 shopping at the dollar chain.

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Overall, you can find food at consistently discounted prices compared to the grocery giants. Based on our small shopping trip, buying all of the items above from Dollarama could save you close to $9.

The price differences might not look like much, but as Canadians continue to struggle with the cost of living crisis, every cent counts.

If you're looking for other ways to cut costs on groceries, read more tips and tricks from fellow shoppers here.

Where do you go grocery shopping to save money? Let us know in the comments.

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