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Someone's leaving notes at Loblaws-owned store saying items cheaper at Dollarama

Comparing prices while you shop is undoubtedly a smart way to stretch your dollar, but one altruistic shopper is making it easier for Real Canadian Superstore customers.

User u/Soopez shared a photo in the Reddit community Loblaws is Out of Control captioned, "You love to see it (seen at a Superstore)." The post doesn't specify the store's location.

The photo shows a shelf full of 400-gram bags of Quebec-made Imperial popcorn, which retails at Real Canadian Superstore for $4.79. But someone thought shoppers could find a better deal elsewhere.

Next to the price is a yellow sticky note that has left shoppers amused.

"Note: This product is $3.25 at Dollarama," reads the note.

You love to see it. (Seen at a Superstore)
byu/Soopez inloblawsisoutofcontrol

Canadians are applauding this savvy shopper, who also appears to be fed up with the high cost of groceries, for helping others save money where they can.

Has this hidden shopping hero added notes to more items or items in other stores? Only time will tell.

Regardless, the move is inspiring a bit of a movement.

Commenters say it could encourage others to follow suit.

byu/Soopez from discussion

One person said shoppers should call out expensive groceries at other supermarket chains, not just Loblaws-owned stores like Real Canadian Superstore.

byu/Soopez from discussion

However, one Redditor warns that just because the alternative initially appears cheaper, it may not always be the best deal.

byu/Soopez from discussion

According to estimates from Canada's Food Price Report 2024, the cost of overall food prices in the country will increase by 2.5 per cent to 4.5 per cent.

What do you think of this person's methods? Let us know in the comments.

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