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TikToker from Ontario tries $2 Dollarama escargot

Dollarama is pretty well-known for its snack selection, but would you dare try delicacies such as escargot from the budget retailer?

One TikToker, @dustin4rd, took one for the team and decided to taste test Dollarama's escargot offering. Retailing for $2 a can, they're certainly a bargain.

Dustin admits that the Dollarama taste test is his first time trying snails, so what could possibly go wrong? A lot, apparently.

"I'm a little nervous," he said before diving into the can to try his very first snail, and it's safe to say his first impressions were about as bad as you'd expect.

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"It looks like a booger, basically," he said, showing the unappetizing escargot on camera.

Dustin then took a good sniff, and the smell was perhaps just as bad as the appearance.

"It stinks," he added.

But ultimately, any food test has to come down to taste. Dustin's face really said it all as he braced himself to try the escargot, but he did it.

"It tastes earthy… It tastes like I'm eating dirt from a river. At the bottom of a friggin' river right now," he said.

"Man, that was absolutely disgusting," he added.

The taste test went about as well as most would expect. Despite the underwhelming results, plenty of users in the comments were quick to offer solutions to Dustin's less-than-satisfactory escargot experience, namely, not eating snails straight from the can.

"I feel like you were supposed to cook this first," one TikToker replied.

"You're supposed to wash them and then cook them with butter, white wine, garlic and onions," one user said.

"People usually eat this with garlic butter and some kind of bread," another added.

If one valuable lesson came from Dustin's brave taste test, it's to cook your Dollarama escargot.

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