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Ajax bakery made famous by Keith Lee forced to move from backyard shed

A bakery that's seen an explosion of business in the wake of a recent visit by TikTok star Keith Lee has been forced to stop operating out of their original location.

For more than 20 years, Ajax family-owned and run bakery, Biscuits to Baskets, has been operating (without incident, I might add,) out of founder Suzanne Smith's backyard shed.

According to a recent statement released by the business, though, it appears as though the business' recent surge of popularity has also brought around some more discerning eyes, and the bakery has been forced to move out of the shed.

"Due to a recent visit by the town, it has come to our attention that our back shed is not a suitable space for the business as it's separate from the main house," the statement reads, concluding that the business will cease to run out of the shed as of June 1.

According to the post, the business has operated out of the Smith's home 49 Beatty Road for the past 20 years, which, the team writes in their statement, followed all necessary protocols "to the best of [their] knowledge."

Apparently, all of the publicity Biscuits to Baskets has gotten over the past weeks has also led to a higher degree of scrutiny, as is so often the case.

The bakery and accompanying coffee shop, Backyard Brew, won't be going far, though, at least not for the time being. They're simply shifting operations to the front of the house, which should allow Biscuits to Baskets to continue operating without issue.

In the statement, the Biscuits to Baskets team (which is largely comprised of Suzanne's own family) announces that they are looking to move the business into a commercial space come fall — and it's all thanks to the 'Keith Lee Effect.'

"The business has profoundly exploded since Keith Lee's visit and there is no doubting it," the post reads.

"We are as eager as ever to expand past the limitations that home-based business puts on us and to be able to confidently serve regulars and newcomers alike."

In an effort to raise funds for their big move — and, of course, to comemmorate the visit that made them famous — Biscuits to Baskets and Backyard Brew recently announced that they've begun selling Keith Lee-themed merchandise, which is on presale now.

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