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More absurd signs are popping up at Toronto grocery stores in response to bad customers

While one Toronto supermarket has had to put up signs reminding customers that eating fruit before paying for it and spitting the pits all over other food is not acceptable behaviour, other retailers in the city have apparently been dealing with similarly impudent customers and installing some strange signage as a result.

Yet another Food Basics store in the city has been trying to stop shoppers from another type of unsavory behaviour that, though perhaps forgivable given today's grocery prices, should be common sense not to do.

Like its sibling in East York, another location of the grocer has had to stick notices in its produce section asking people not to fiddle around with the fruit to repackage their container with more than others.

"Please do not take from other containers to fill yours with extra berries. They are pre-weighed," a poster under a display of bluberries, which were on sale for just over $3, reads.

"Any tampered-with containers past the sale weight will be charged the full price."

toronto grocery storeWhile many laughed at the image when it was posted by resident Jay de Silva to the Weird Toronto Facebook group recently — with the hilarious caption "you're allowed to steal next week, apparently" — others said they were honestly unaware of such an issue becoming so common.

Some even advocated for stealing items altogether given the months of unchecked inflation that consumers have had to face, and the price gouging that many large grocers in the country are currently being investigated for.

"This is what self-checkouts are for," one person quipped, hinting at the rising trend of residents unabashedly stealing from grocery stores in the midst of ongoing hikes in the prices of basic pantry and fridge staples. "Don’t tell 'em about the washing soap," another said, likely only half-joking.

Given the unaffordable cost of living in the city and the fact that the average resident is not making enough to cover their housing costs alone, can you really blame them?

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