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Food-obsessed Ontario Premier Doug Ford just made a Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is once again bolstering his status as the province's number-one fan of Tim Hortons, participating in yet another strange public relations stunt with the nationwide coffee chain that saw the premier reaffirm his love of Timmies' "real egg" sandwiches.

Ford shared details of his recent visit to a Tim's location on social media, including his attempts to create popular menu items, like the breakfast sandwiches he has raved about in the past.

"Today, I got a chance to roll up my sleeves and learn how to make some iconic items off the Tim Hortons menu," said Ford, thanking the Timmies team for welcoming him and "teaching me a few new skills, including how to make my very own breakfast sandwich with real eggs!"

Not everyone is on board with Ford's photo op, with many negative comments posted in reply on Instagram.

"Maybe he will get the idea of working a minimum wage job and not being able to afford anything?," reads one comment.

doug ford tim hortons

Doug Ford shows off his breakfast sandwich. Photo by Ford Nation.

The Timmies appearance comes on the heels of a vicious ice storm that has caused havoc in Quebec and parts of Ontario, and a few commenters suggest that Dougie should have been visiting affected areas instead of touring a fast food joint.

"Maybe instead of making donuts you could do something about those of us in your province who lost power in the ice storm," says one commenter, adding, "You know there is more to Ontario than just Toronto, right?"

Ford made headlines in 2021 when he praised these same sandwiches during a press briefing, telling the iconic chain that, "The best thing you guys ever did is to make those real egg sandwiches. I used to go eat those other ones. They're the best, those real egg sandwiches, so whoever did that at Timmies, good for you."

Ford would make another apparent promotional pitch for Tim Hortons later that year, posing with a mostly empty box of smile cookies with a lone treat surrounded by apparent evidence of its fallen brethren.

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