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A vodka is in such high demand it's been completely selling out at the LCBO

A certain type of vodka has been in such high demand it's been selling out at LCBO stores across the city.

Moses Vodka is made in Finland out of sugarcane instead of traditional fermented grains. It's been a huge hit the past couple of weeks because of Passover since the vodka is kosher.

During Passover, people observe in part by not eating Chometz - the practice of prohibiting grains like wheat, spelt, barley, oats and rye in ones diet.

For those wanting to still drink vodka during the Jewish holiday, Moses Vodka has been a top choice over more mainstream, non-kosher brands like Absolute and Stolichnaya.

An LCBO spokesperson told blogTO the entire stock of Moses Vodka was sold out by the first week of April as soon as Passover started. 

moses vodka toronto

A bottle of Moses Vodka.

A representative for the brand explained that Moses Znaimer, founder of ZoomerMedia (parent company of blogTO) discovered the vodka and loved it so much he wanted to bring it to the Canadian market in time for Passover. 

ZoomerMedia has been promoting the vodka on radio stations that they own and operate.

But Moses Vodka isn't just for Passover according to the person I spoke to. "It's smooth, supple, and sippable all year round," they promised so no need to wait until next Spring to give it a try.

All that's needed now is to find it again on LCBO shelves. According to the LCBO, they're starting to get it in stock again at the locations at Lawrence Plaza, The Promenade Mall and Yorkdale Mall. 

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Fareen Karim

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