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There's a fake Domino's Pizza delivery car scamming people in Toronto

One Toronto resident is warning others to be on high alert after he was nearly scammed by a fake Domino's Pizza car outside a shopping centre. 

Arash told blogTO that the incident occurred on March 29 just before 9 p.m., and covered the whole ordeal in a now-viral thread on Reddit

According to Arash, he was walking to his car in Fairview Mall's outdoor parking lot, when a girl approached him and said that she had ordered a pizza from Domino's, but the delivery refused to accept cash. 

He said that he did see a car with a Domino's sign on top, but it looked a bit different from authentic Domino's delivery cars he's seen around. Initially, he didn't care too much, and thought that maybe the pizza chain had introduced a new design for their vehicles. 

However, Arash said he decided to approach the situation with caution. 

"I had heard some stories of fake taxis in Toronto taking debit cards with pins from passengers, and then return another debit card, so I asked the girl if I can tap with my phone (credit card)," he wrote. 

Arash said that the girl told him yes, thanked him a lot, and they began to make their way toward the "Domino's driver," who was waiting impatiently in his car. 

"The driver passed me his POS machine, and I was thinking to myself, 'okay it cannot be a scam, why is he giving me his POS then?'" he recalled. 

According to Arash, once he took his phone out to pay, that's when the sequence of "super suspicious" acts began to take place. 

At first, the fake delivery driver said that his machine doesn't support tap payments. Instead, Arash offered to pay with his credit card, but the driver began to say "something about credit cards and HST," and requested that he pay by debit. 

"At this point, I finally came back to my senses, and told them that I don't carry my debit card," he wrote. "The girl showed some disappointment and thanked me, and I left the scene." 

Arash said that he turned back to check the license plate of the vehicle after the whole ordeal, but it appeared rather distorted so he was unable to make it out. 

"Funny thing was that the girl immediately got into the car of the delivery guy after I left, and they both disappeared," he said. 

Fake Domino's debit scam at Fairview Mall
by u/arash6990 in toronto

The viral thread has since picked up lots of reactions, with many others claiming they've experienced similar scams in different areas of the city.

One person claimed the same situation happened to them at Scarborough Town Centre, while another person alleged that they were almost scammed in Mississauga. 

Debit card scams have been on the rise in Toronto as of late, and Toronto police have even warned the public about a "taxi scam" which typically involves two people; one who is a fake driver and the other who pretends to be a passenger asking for help to pay their fare. 

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Nathana Rebouças

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