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Toronto pizza joint closes and is transforming into a bar

A Toronto pizza joint that went on hiatus at the end of last year is now poised to lose its current name and make a complete transformation.

Local pizza lovers may have noticed that Bloordale gem Conzo's has been closed for some time, initially shuttering temporarily for the holidays.

The restaurant has been known for making some of the city's best pizza, and is run by the same people behind Sugo next door. It actually took its name from a nickname for owner Conor Joerin.

However, Conzo's didn't get much of a chance to flourish before lockdowns and restrictions hit, and Sugo has always remained the space with the highest demand.

"There's such a demand for Sugo's food we decided to renovate and equip the kitchen at the pizzeria to do more hits from the Sugo menu," Joerin tells blogTO. "I basically wanted to do a bunch of maintenance and renovations, scrape my name off the door."

Conzo's had only opened about five weeks before lockdowns hit back in 2020.

"We took lumps for the last three, four years," says Joerin.

Having always wanted to expand the Sugo brand more, potentially selling their sauce in a more widespread fashion and possibly even open other locations, now seemed like the right time to make a change to the Conzo's space that aligned with that.

"So many people come and miss the last seating at Sugo," says Joerin.

Enter Bar Sugo, a new version of the Conzo's space that will serve some of the things people love at Sugo later into the night, with hours that should run from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Joerin also says some old staff will likely come back that he's very excited about.

And don't worry, they'll still be serving pizza. Bar Sugo should open at 1279 Bloor St. W. in a couple weeks.

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