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Middle Eastern restaurant nailed with 10 infractions from Toronto health inspectors

A location of Toronto's go-to shawarma chain was recently flagged by health inspectors after being hit with several infractions.

The Ali Baba's Middle Eastern Cuisine located at 1430 Queen Street West received a conditional pass notice on Feb. 21 after Toronto health inspectors found 10 infractions, one of them crucial, five of them significant, three of them minor, and one categorized as "other." 

The crucial infraction involved failing to "protect food from contamination or adulteration." 

Inspectors also handed down five significant infractions, which included failing to "protect against harbouring of pests," failing to "ensure facility surface cleaned as necessary," and "use food equipment not in good repair." 

Out of the three minor infractions, one was listed as failing to "ensure equipment surfaced sanitized as necessary." 

A full list of the infractions is available on the DineSafe website

ali baba shawarma

The full list of infractions on DineSafe.

Earlier this month, a separate Ali Baba's restaurant at 729 Bloor Street West was given a conditional pass notice after health inspectors detected eight infractions. 

Although the restaurant was flagged, it will remain open for service as staff begin working through the issues highlighted by health inspectors. 

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Ali Baba's Middle Eastern Cuisine

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