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Toronto man has to spend an entire 24 hours in a Denny's after losing hilarious bet

One Toronto man is making the best of a very poorly-thought-out wager, turning a hilarious punishment for a fantasy sports blunder into some good for the community.

Juan Delgado doesn't exactly consider himself an up-to-date football expert, but that didn't stop him from joining a fantasy league after drifting away from NFL viewership for more than six years.

Unfortunately for Delgado, this league came with a bit of a unique caveat in that the participant who came in dead last would ultimately have to endure an uninterrupted 24-hour stretch dining, or merely existing, in a downtown Toronto Denny's location.

Delgado tells blogTO that his season actually started off great with three consecutive wins before going completely off the rails with nine consecutive losses, ending up with a dismal record and earning himself a shameful Denny's visit.

"I started 3-0, and I'm like, 'Oh, I don't even have to worry about this,' I have a great team. I haven't played [fantasy football] in a few years, so as a guy coming out of retirement, I'm like, 'Oh, this is perfect. I don't really have to worry about this,'" says Delgado.

"And then a couple of injuries happened. All of a sudden, losing, losing, losing, and it was nine straight weeks of losses before I got one win. My destiny was sealed."

Delgado publicly asked himself a series of questions upon the realization that he had a very lengthy Denny's visit in his immediate future, like, for example, "Why in the world would I join a fantasy football league if I know for a fact I haven't watched football in a significant way for well over six years?"

His line of self-questioning also asked, "Why would I subject myself to nine straight weeks of losses when I know full well I don't have the time nor the willingness to improve my team? Who would stop trying to win knowing that the loser of the league has to spend 24 hours at Denny's? Why? Why do I do this to myself?"

Delgado writes, "I'll be asking these questions and more as I spend 24 hours at Denny's in downtown Toronto on January 28/29."

But despite his sentence of spending a full day — from 8 p.m. on a Saturday evening all the way through to 8 p.m. on Sunday — at the American casual dining breakfast chain, Delgado has found a way to turn this whole debacle into a way to give back through a fundraiser.

"Even though this football season was filled with bad decisions, I've decided to make one good decision and make sure these 24 hours don't go to waste," wrote Delgado on the page for his fundraiser.

"I'll be raising money for Wagner Green YMCA, a facility located in downtown Toronto that supports homeless and at-risk youth with emergency shelter, return to school/work programs, substance counselling, legal services and more."

He has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support in just the 24 short hours since the donation page went live, and has already surpassed his initial $500 target.

Well on its way towards a revised goal of raising $1000, the fundraiser asks for small donations and hopes to soon raise its target yet again.

Delgado is among the donors who have contributed out of his own pocket toward the over $650 raised thus far, and he can expect to spend quite a bit more on his forthcoming Denny's trip, where he plans to "down 3 Grand Slams, two orders of Mozza sticks, 18 free refills of coffee and more for a good cause."

He confirmed to blogTO that he is confident in his ability to take down three grand slams (roughly 2,400 calories and 150 grams of fat combined) and two orders of mozza sticks (over 1,250 calories and 64 grams of fat) but it's the 18 free refills of coffee he's less certain about.

"The funny thing is, I don't drink coffee," says Delgado. "So whatever coffee I do drink will probably make me pretty wired." Though he admits it's the type of situation a person might exit with a newfound appreciation for caffeinated beverages.

Anyone interested in experiencing this marathon Denny's session can follow along with Delgado's journey live-streamed on Instagram.

He tells blogTO that it should be an evening of revelry, and he expects appearances by entertainers and guests for what will feel like an old-fashioned telethon.

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