2022 daylight savings

Toronto bars will be open an extra hour this weekend due to Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time happens every fall in Ontario, and like every year it lands on a weekend so you can get your drink on at bars an hour later as the clocks change.

It may not be guaranteed that nightlife spots will let you stay an extra cheeky hour, but the odds for pushing it are a little better.

"We generally play it by ear night of. If the room is full with guests we'll most likely push last call and keep the party going," Score on King general manager Mitchell MacDougall tells blogTO. The bar is known for their Caesars and party atmosphere.

"We don't advertise staying open for the extra hour as it's not something that is make or break for us. It's awesome for certain clubs and bars to take this and run with it, people love the idea of staying out and having fun later than usual."

While people do love to stay out later and the extra time can be awesome for those other certain bars and clubs, it's not always great for the other businesses around them. As long as their own customers stay in check, however, they can sell a few more cocktails.

"The extra hour is a nice thing for the most part, we don't need to rush people out. The downside for us is that there are a couple nightclubs in the area and their customers are usually pretty drunk/fighting each other/sick," says Bistro 422 owner Erik Chopra.

"An extra hour of drinking for them means I will probably have to play security guard in front of Bistro to make sure they don't break anything or pee on my property, but for us it usually just means that our customers will have one or two more drinks."

Ultimately, when it comes to owning a bar, extra hours late at night add up to extra dollars, but a loophole like Daylight Saving also means people that might ordinarily get off work too late to go out can snag a cocktail.

"There's not many opportunities for us to stay open beyond 2 a.m., so we take them when they come," a rep from bar Lloyd's tells blogTO.

"We're one of the few bars in our neighbourhood that stays open until last call and we're proud of that. It often gives service industry and shift workers an opportunity to come out for a drink."

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Hector Vasquez at Lloyd's

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