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Famous Korean fast food chain is opening its first Toronto location

A Korean fast-food chain from a brand that has thousands of locations for various concepts is opening its very first Canadian store right here in Toronto.

Yeondon Ball Katsu basically riffs on the classic Japanese katsu, a comforting breaded cutlet dish, but turns it into a ball that's supposed to be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

The concept is overseen by Korean conglomerate brand THEBORN, which has origins in the 1990s and now has over 2,000 stores in Korea alone and now also has locations in China, Japan, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Yeondon Ball Katsu was actually launched in 2021 to promote the consumption of Korean pork.

In addition to the basic ball katsu, the chain also serves ball katsu burgers that appear to be a ball katsu split and stuffed with different ingredients. There's also a cheese ball katsu that's stuffed with gooey cheese.

They also do mini ball katsu, and ball katsu sandwiches that are more like traditional katsu sandwiches.

There were 46 Yeondon Ball Katsu stores operating in Korea as of May 2022. In other parts of the world, Ball Katsu stores have a small amount of square footage and are typically situated along busy thoroughfares, and it looks as if the Toronto location will be similar.

Yeondon Ball Katsu is opening at 209 Dundas St. W. on November 18.

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