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Loblaws eliminating more cashiers in Toronto stores and adding self-checkouts

If you walk into select Loblaws locations in Toronto anytime soon, you might notice that the store looks a little different. 

That's because the self-checkout sections are growing.

Some Toronto locations, including but not limited to the store at Leslie St. and Lake Shore Blvd. and the store at Queen St. and Portland St., have seen their self-checkout stations expand exponentially recently, with several cashier lanes being eliminated to make space for the checkout machines.

Loblaws first introduced the self-checkout systems back in 2018, and they weren't exactly popular right off the bat. 

The machines have certainly improved since then, but some people still refuse to use them out of principle: Loblaws and other big box stores use these machines to save money, often costing workers their jobs. 

In an email to blogTO, a spokesperson for Loblaws said they'll continue to provide multiple checkout options in their stores.

"While most Loblaws locations have self-checkout, demand for the service will vary by store," the spokesperson said. 

"For those stores with a higher demand, we've expanded and reconfigured the self-checkout areas. That said, the cashier continues to play a vital role in the customer journey, and as such, we will continue to offer this service."

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