western creamery discontinued

Cream cheese that's been a staple on Toronto grocery shelves has been discontinued

Two popular brands of cream cheese are disappearing from Toronto shelves, leaving countless bagels left un-schmeared as customers scramble to find a decent replacement to slather all over their breakfasts and brunches.

If you're a fan of Western Creamery or Liberté cream cheese, now would be a good time to drop everything, stock up, and deep freeze a long-term supply, as both of the brands have been discontinued.

Toronto-based Western Creamery has long been a popular grocery staple for the local Jewish community, the company manufacturing a range of certified-Kosher dairy products, including cream cheese and pressed cottage cheese.

The company was purchased by large dairy empire Gay Lea in 2019, though links to the Western Creamery product line either redirect to other items or result in error messages as of August 2022.

And if you thought that you could just go to Western Creamery's competitor in Liberté, you thought wrong, as the last run of cream cheese from the Montreal-area business — a subsidiary of Yoplait since 2010 — has also rolled off the production lines and into the fridge's of desperate cream cheese connoisseurs.

Unlike Western Creamery, Liberté is keeping the rest of its product line in production, but people are not taking this sudden drought of quality schmear personally, angrily tweeting at the powers that be, including an aggressively-worded shot directed at Yoplait's parent company General Mills.

If you buy your cream cheese from a deli or bagel shop, you probably won't have much of a problem finding a comparable product, but the loss of these brands on grocery shelves is leaving shoppers with very little option but to go with a less authentic offering like a certain brand named after a city in Pennsylvania.

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