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CNE getting new outrageous food this year including ketchup and mustard ice cream

The CNE is back for 2022 this year, along with a whole bunch of new outrageous food options...including ice cream flavoured like the classic condiments ketchup and mustard.

Ketchup, mustard and ice cream are synonymous with summer, but you've never seen them combined like this before.

The zany treat comes to us courtesy of local Toronto vendor Harrison Swift, who's been serving up wacky snacks at the CNE Midway since 2013. Pickle lemonade, anyone?

The soft serve is actually flavoured like ketchup and mustard, and should be served with hilariously appropriate toppings like pretzels or fries. You can even try the soft serve in a twist of both flavours if you really want the wackiest possible experience.

Look out for a new booth on the CNE Midway called So Cute Ice Cream to find the new treat. In a few weeks, a full list of more new food items will be released.

Over a million people typically visit the CNE each year, but how many of them will dare to try these new soft serve flavours? If you're one of them, now you just have to decide whether you'll go for ketchup, mustard or a twist of both.

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