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Toronto Tibetan restaurant shut down by health inspectors for six infractions

A Tibetan restaurant in Toronto was just unfortunately shut down for a total of six infractions by health inspectors.

Tashi Delek is a little takeout counter on Jameson known for their momos, but health inspectors cracked down recently and shut them down for numerous infractions.

A closed notice was issued for the restaurant on July 21.

Three of the infractions were crucial, two were significant and one was minor.

tashi delek toronto

Screenshot of DineSafe infractions for Tashi Delek. 

The crucial infractions were for storing potentially hazardous foods at internal temperature between 4 C and 60 C, failing to protect food from contamination or adulteration, and maintaining the food premise in a manner permitting the health hazard of rodents (gross).

For the first two crucial infractions, the action was a notice to comply, but for the rodents, the action was a summons and health hazard order.

The two significant infractions were for failing to ensure equipment surface was cleaned as necessary, and for failing to protect against the harbouring of pests.

The minor infraction was for not maintaining the food handling room in sanitary condition. The action for the significant and minor infractions was a notice to comply.

The restaurant will be able to reopen once they have resolved the issues and are reinspected.

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Tashi Delek

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