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Ontario restaurant known for its extremist views now seems to be threatening murder

A small town Ontario restaurant is developing a reputation for some very questionable stances and worrying messages.

In its latest shocking promotional scheme, Buck & Jo's restaurant in Wingham, Ontario, is once again attracting attention over an eyebrow-raising message from the owners that seems to imply they will shoot anyone they deem a trespasser.

A recent Facebook post by Buck & Jo's reads, "No Trespassing. WARNING: We 'Take care of business' on this property. Cross this threshold without permission all you will get is a chalk outline and some yellow tape. #ShootShovelAndShutUp."

Buck & Jo's made headlines in January when the businesses openly defied public health orders, reopened illegally after a forced closure, and even banned masked patrons at a time when case counts were skyrocketing.

When the restaurant proclaimed that it would reopen in defiance of a shutdown order, the announcement was riddled with far-right buzzwords lambasting "sheeple" and calling on "patriots" to "increase awareness regarding government overreach."

Perhaps it's the intense Ontario summer heat getting to their heads, but their latest shenanigans are much weirder than the last time around.

The restaurant is selling the same "F*CK TRUDEAU" merch seen on the social media feeds of public figures like Krista Ford and paraded next to far-right insignias, including Trump flags at recent Toronto protests.

One alarming promotion (that the feds should probably be made aware of) advertises a deal where patrons can use toy guns to try and "shoot JT off the ledge & get your meal for free! Fail and you pay double!"

And somehow, this bizarre stunt is not the strangest chapter in the recent Buck & Jo's saga, as the restaurant management appears to genuinely believe that the Ontario Provincial Police have approved a purge in Wingham.

Because they read it on the internet.

For all of the restaurant's big game talking, their day of reckoning may be soon at hand. The owners are claiming that their so-called "anti-segregation case" for defying vaccine mandates will be heard on Sept. 8 in a Goderich court.

blogTO reached out to Buck & Jo's to offer the business an opportunity to clarify the meaning of their social media posts. The restaurant instructed to phone back after hours, but there was no answer upon callback.

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